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Graduation gown – changes in the looks and appearance

Wearing gowns became a common practice after gowns were declared as the official dress of academics in 1321. There were modifications made on the long gowns, hoods that were used by Universities for recognizing the different grades of scholars.

Varying guidelines for graduation gowns

The guidelines for wearing gowns vary from institution to institution. They have also changed with time. As records show, representative’s body of American institutions in 1895 formed the Intercollegiate Commission. The motive was to standardize the academic dress.

These guidelines are termed the Intercollegiate Code with time-to-time revisions made to it. It is important to note that the particular Collegiate Apparel forms the academic codes and sticks to them. The specific Intercollegiate Commission forms these codes, and also finalizes patterns for graduation gowns and hoods apart from assigning a suitable degree color assignments for different subjects of study.

Looking back on history of graduation gown, and broadly speaking academic dress was first worn way back in the 12th century. At that time early Universities in Europe were formed. These universities that acted as centers of excellence in academic field, performed the task of authenticating degrees apart from keeping a record of students who had enrolled, or had completed. There were predefined norms for deciding the levels of excellence.

There are designing firms that produce graduation caps and gowns, a range of academic apparel apart from designers of judicial robes, choir robes. They also produce academic regalia, honor cords, class rings and stoles.

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